Siddhartha Gunti

Uncomfortable weightage of luck in success

Luck. The most significant variable for success in startups. Also, the one we have the least control over.

Laser focus work requires a mindset that does not believe in luck. It requires the belief that what we do matters and has a significant say in the outcome. But it is not.

There is anxiety in dealing with this ambiguous relationship with luck.

Looking back, we worked equally hard in the winning and losing months at Adaface. There was no difference in the energy, projects or hard work we put in. And quite often, the wins came when the world wanted. Not because we put in the extra hours.

Here's my thought process around luck:

Luck favours prolonged periods of iterating hard work. Wins come when the variables of the world fall into place. But you must persist long enough to be there when they do.

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